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Top secret Carinthian recipes

The absolute classic in Carinthian cuisine: a yeast pastry called Reindling. Another speciality: a giant ravioli filled with curd cheese and mint called Kasnudel and its variations called Kletzen-, Spinat-, and Erdäpfelnudel. Also try Ritschert (pearl barley), Hadnsterz (buckwheat) and polenta (maize semolina). The recipes were handed down through generations.

Carinthian Kasnudeln are something like Carinthia’s holy culinary grail. More than 200 different recipes for the pastry pockets are known, but there are probably even more. The best-kept secret is the filling, but the main ingredients are the mashed potatoes, onions, curd cheese, leek and parsley.

The countless Carinthian varieties of the ravioli found farther south include pastry pockets with meat, spinach and tomato filling. One speciality is undoubtedly the Kletzennudel: Dried pears (“Kletzen”) are mixed with sugar, curd cheese and rum and the finished noodles are drizzled in melted butter and honey. But beware: the result has been highly addictive for generations.