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Carinthia - the country and its people

The Carinthian's are doing fine - and their guests as well. Because taking a holiday in Carinthia means that there's always a lake nearby. The "Land of a thousand lakes" in Austria's south has 1,270 lakes and ponds - 200 of which are suitable for bathing - situated between Tauern Ridge, the Carnian alps and the Karawanken. 

Carinthia's lakes have always been an attraction for holiday makers: fashionable film scenery such as the Wörthersee; unspoiled natural idylls like the Weissensee; Austria's warmest bathing lake, the Klopeinersee; the deep waters of the Millstättersee; the windy surfing paradise such as the Ossiachersee or the sunny stretch of water in front of the picture-perfect Faakersee.

Carinthia offers delectable cuisine. With its rural roots, the traditional dishes are mostly hearty meals from simple ingredients, ranging from Carinthian noodles to a special Kirchtag soup to the classic Carinthia "Reindling", a yeast cake filled with cinnamon and raisins. 
As in other rural regions, numerous customs and myths - some maintained over centuries - are still in practice. These include the Easter fire to the path of the Krampus to processions and rural riding festivals, as well as Thanksgiving festivals and probably the most popular of all events, the Villacher Kirchtag (church festival).

Also deeply rooted in Carinthia's customs and traditions is singing. The Carinthian's passion for the Kärntner Lied and other music manifests itself in the number of choirs spread throughout the land. And perhaps the saying is really true: that wherever Carinthian's gather there is a choral society. The heaviness of the songs lies deep in the heart of the Carinthian - and some believe that it comes from living in a border country and the resulting fear of change.


Courtesy of Carinthia Verlag, 2006