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Slow-down experiences

Slow down on Carinthias holiday farms

The Fine Art of Giving Ourselves the Gift of Time... just one moment. We’ll stop the clocks for you, so you can rediscover and celebrate the essential things in life, all those moments that really, really count. Turn your back to the fast-spinning centrifuge of every-day life and surrender to the gentle rocking of Nature’s own cradle. Wind down and relax. Holidays on farms in Carinthia are here to help you decelerate time. Relearn how to handle time playfully and how to share it: with children, loved ones, friends – and most of all - with yourself. Carinthian farms follow a natural cycle. In these parts, there is time for everything, whether it be local customs, church festivals or the ever-turning wheel of the year. All things constant give us strength. The steady, consistent rhythm of rural life, the never-ending cycle of Nature. Some places around here are true power spots and you can really feel it. Want to explore them? 22 holiday farms have put together a selection of re-energising and decelerating insider tips for you to discover. Holidays in all seasons at Carinthian holiday farms will re-energise, restore and refresh you with the pure power of Nature. There’s always a mountain or lake nearby.