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Become part of istrian idille!

Istria, juts into the sea looking to the eternally sunny Southwest. With the mild Mediterranean climate, the indented coast and the beautiful landscapes in the hinterland have made Istria one of the rare destinations which have preserved a country feel and the rural environment.

Rural areas, the pride of Istria, are rich with unique vistas. The towns are imbued with medieval history, and an entire area offer a wide variety of traditional foods made with their own products.

Furthermore, there are countless hamlets where peace and quiet reign supreme and where visitors can experience traditional Istrian life in the typical taverns, taste bread made in specially dedicated ovens, prosciutto, bacon, fusi, dumplings, minestra, or simply try the typical Istrian soup and enjoy the warmth and the crackling of fire in Istrian fireplaces. Traditional Istrian dishes and wines have practically conquered the whole world. Wine in Istria is sacred, needed and loved, it is a culture of living, food and drink, prayer and curse.

Unusual landscapes, the "green waves" formed by hills, crowned with towns, hamlets, brooks, rocks, forests, churches, old castles overgrown by ivy are a treasure which still has not been fully explored and the people's special hospitality will help you become part of the idyllic Istrian environment.

The beauty of nature, cultural heritage and long-standing traditions have made this area one of the most interesting tourist destinations in this part of Europe and an ideal destination for sport lovers and for all those who want to spend an active holiday in touch with nature.

Why don’t you become part of this idyll?