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Rupe del Pescale. Itinerary 3


Ufficio Turistico Comunità Montana Modena Ovest
Via Rocca 1,
I-41045 Montefiorino


short description:

Imposing rocky spur on the Secchia river

detailed description:

The Rupe del Pescale is a geological site of great naturalistic, landscape and historic interest. The imposing rocky spur rises steeply on the right-hand shore of the River Secchia to the "Strette del Pescale" in the section where the river is joined by the waters from the Rio Pescarolo. Archaeological digs have uncovered the remains of a prehistoric village; occupying an area of approximately 2,600 square metres, the settlement consisted of large oval huts made of wood and clay with their floors dug into the ground, and lasted from the end of the 5th or the beginning of the 4th millennium B.C. until the first half of the 3rd century B.C.. Indeed the recovered material documents the succession of different cultures which developed in the western part of Emilia through the whole of the Neolithic age; some finds, such as those discovered near the Pescale lithic station, are attributable to the successive Copper and Bronze Ages, while others discovered in nearby locations (Castellarano, Roteglia) are attributable to the Bronze and Iron Ages. These include fragments of brick dating back to the Roman period, and indicate that this middle stretch of the Secchia Valley was used for living purposes for an even longer period of time.




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