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Prignano sulla Secchia


Detailed description:

It is likely that the Etruscans (perhaps not the earliest inhabitants of this area, but certainly those who boosted its development and importance) heading towards the plain and the so-called Campi Macri (presently Magreta fields), did not cross the River Secchia but followed the road that today goes from Prignano, through Castelvecchio, to Sassuolo. Rising up, one can easily understand why the Etruscans, the first people with an extensive knowledge and aesthetic appreciation of the environment, chose to settle in this place: gentle south-facing slopes, a view spanning over a stunning landscape, a mountain chain to the north offering protection against cold winds. The Romans too settled in these fertile lands and gave the village its present name. In the town centre visitors are welcomed by the nice late-Romanesque tower of S. Michele. In the surroundings they will encounter hamlets and villages of great interest. Castelvecchio: its buildings with annexed courtyard bear witness to the past splendour of this ancient county. Montebaranzone: Matilda of Canossa’s favourite residence, it still features buildings of that period, among which several houses-cum-tower. Nearby a curious geological phenomenon can be observed: at certain times during the year, some fumaroles project high-pressure jets of vapour mixed with mud out from the bowels of the earth. Pescale: it is one the most ancient human settlements in Emilia where several campaigns of archaeological excavations have been carried out, although it is believed that the area still keeps even more important treasures than those discovered so far.


Prignano sulla Secchia


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