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Prati di San Geminiano. Itinerary 3


detailed description:

The discovery of a flint arrowhead dating back to the Neolithic age indicates that this flat area close to the Apennine ridge was used in very ancient times. Located at an altitude of 1,456 metres,the locality of Prati di S. Geminiano was a place of passage on the historic Via Bibulca. It was mentioned for the first time in 1105, when Matilde di Canossa herself decided that the hospital of S. Geminiano in Alpe di S.Pellegrino, contended by the bishops of Modena and Reggio and the abbot of Frassinoro, should be under the direct supervision of the Pope. No trace remains of the ancient hospitalem Sancti Geminiani situm in Silva Romanesca, while the small adjoining church must have been located beside the modern-day oratory, built in 1632 and restored on various occasions. The house beside the oratory is an eighteenth-century building with exquisite pebbled portals, one of which bears the date 1782. Also beside the oratory is the fountain of Saint Geminianus, documented as far back as the IX-X century and which seems to be linked to a votive aedicula dedicated to a woodland divinity. According to legend, before returning to Modena to take on the post of bishop, Saint Geminianus confided his regret to San Pellegrino for having to abandon the very pure spring which had quenched his thirst up to then, expressing his desire to have it in his native city. San Pellegrino reassured the future bishop, and the latter found the same spring in Cognento, which still exists today at the Sanctuary.




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