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Ufficio Turistico Comunità Montana Modena Ovest
Via Rocca 1,
I-41045 Montefiorino


detailed description:

The Dragone Valleys extend on the western ridge of Modena’s Apennine, reaching the border with Tuscany and the lands of Reggio’s Apennine. The valley follows the course of the Dragone, a stream flowing through Frassinoro, Montefiorino and Palagano. Prignano’s area is located at the confluence between the Dragone and the Dolo and Rossenna streams into the River Secchia, in the foothills of the valley. It is a charming valley offering an untouched nature which varies according to altitude. Going down, towards the plain, in the foothills area, almost entirely included in the Municipality of Prignano, there are broad expanses of cultivated lawns and vineyards whose shoots are hanging from long rows of elms, maples and mulberry-trees. Rising up towards Montefiorino and Palagano, the hills are covered by woods of maples, elms, hornbeams and bushes of hawthorn, viburnum and mulberry, with a beautiful and luxuriant blossoming of primroses, violets and orchids in spring. In Frassinoro, the mountain strip is shaded by dense beeches and fir-woods, beyond which pseudo-alpine meadows extend, at about 1600 m, dotted with gentians, brooms, carlines and blueberry bushes.

Animals allowed: Yes



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