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Itinerary among Mountains and Woods. (Itinerary 2)


Ufficio Turistico Comunità Montana Modena Ovest
Via Rocca 1,
I-41045 Montefiorino


detailed description:

Satisfy your will to plunge into nature; fulfill your desire to breath pure air; allow your eyes to reflect the green of the trees, observe the colourful geometric patterns created by beautiful flowers and let yourself to be spellbound by the sun painting the sunset; listen to your hearing’s call for silence and follow the butterflies’ flight; allow yourself to be guided by your smell tempted by musk and resin essences. Gather all these desires together and satisfy them immediately following the itineraries of Modena’s Western Apennine. A host of hiking and mountain-bike routes will lead you to explore untouched landscapes, which can be reached either wearing a pair of mountain boots or riding your inseparable bicycle. Move towards this horizon following a trail through ancient woods populated by oaks, chestnut-trees, hornbeams and ash-trees. Taste the cherries, apples, plums and pears yielded by trees that have grown wild with their branches twisted with those of hazelnut trees and cornel trees. Take a rest near a stone little house, hidden in the woods, a common and at the same time exceptional encounter in Modena’s Apennine. This is one of the many huts built by the mountain farmers over the last century to dry and store chestnuts, the basis of their diet. Plunged into the silence of Cinghi di Boccassuolo Natural Park, you can observe the furtive movements of the squirrel, the lonely fox, the roe deer and the deer, you can watch the concert of the horn owl, the chaffinch, and the ouzel through the games of light and shadow created by the sun piercing the trees’ foliage, and you can listen to the calls of the kestrel, the hawk, and the buzzard flying over the clouds. In Frassinoro, you can make a refreshing stop and visit the precious remnants of an ancient abbey and enjoy the magical medieval atmospheres during the Week dedicated to Matilda of Canossa, with lots of events and attractions. Continue your journey leaving Frassinoro, take the ancient Via Bibulca, a road of Roman origin, and your steps will become those of the pilgrims, the merchants and the armies who followed it in the centuries astride the year 1000. Try to imagine their life, and the faith that obstinately pushed them towards impervious and dangerous lands, until you finally reach San Pellegrino in Alpe, at 1,700 m. a.s.l., where the imposing Ospitale offered accommodation, refreshment and protection to travellers. A variegated and untouched nature, imbued with history and traditions, will turn your holiday in this part of the Apennine into an intense and rewarding experience for your senses and mind, in a land where life is regulated by the changing of the seasons.

Animals allowed: Yes