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Ponte di Cadignano
Rocca di Montefiorino

Emilia - Romagna Region

Behind every story there is a journey to be told and inside each journey there is an amazing variety of colours, sounds, smells and flavours to be remembered. A unique sensation of freedom and discovery is linked to any trip, even the shorter one, a sensation which brightens up the appearance of the landscapes we encounter along the route. Thus, as in an ancient mysterious game, we offer you an exciting journey along the trails of the Dragone Valley, in Modena’s western Apennines. Following the traces of history, you will discover ancient villages with a surprisingly rich architecture, such as houses cum tower, churches, fortresses and museums, plunged into nature and set in landscapes offering unexpected views and the typical flavours of delicious mountain produce: truffles, chestnuts, Parmigiano cheese, pecorino cheese, honey and forest fruits.