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Walking the path to the source of elementary power


MAYER Sabine
Nöring 25,
9861 Eisentratten


short text:

With the help of Nature herself, the path to the source of the elementary power - found in Nöring In Upper Carinthia in the Nockberge National Park - will lead you straight back to the centre of your self. Listening to your own instinct and finding your way back to Nature: This is also the philosophy of our wellness farm, the first of its kind in Austria. Inner purification in the stone circle, meditation under your special tree and relaxation by the waterfall will bring your elementary force back into flow – und you can start doing it all right behind our farmhouse!

detailed description:

Starting out from Lamprechthof, on the right, you walk through the forest for a while until you reach a little stream. On the left-hand side you’ll see the stone circle that has the ability to adjust energetic imbalances.
The radiesthetically laid-out stones are arranged in such a way to enable their individual polarities to harmonise with one another and thus build a field of force. On top of that, semi-precious stones such as tourmaline and garnet have a purifying effect. Choose a stone which you feel attracted to, say hello to your stone and sit down on it. Ask it to let its energy act inside you. Only leave the stone when your intuition tells you to (this may take between 5 and 15 minutes) and say ‘thank you’ to the stone. Now have a good stretch and listen to your body: Can you feel the new energy inside you? Or perhaps a very special kind of lightness?

THE WISDOM OF TREES. On wooden boards, 17 trees and bushes tell us how they can help us both mentally and physically: You are sure to have noticed them on the way to our farm and perhaps you feel particularly attracted to one of the trees. Go to this tree and ask it whether you may meditate by it. You’ll receive either a warm approving kind of feeling or a cool sensation of being rejected. Trust your first impression and leave reasoning and logic behind you.
Every plant has its own energy and is happy to pass it on to us - we only have to open ourselves up to it. You’ll find meditation instructions at the entrance to the woods.
After these great experiences with stones and trees, we now want to help all the new energy inside us do its work properly, so we follow the Bachweg that leads up to the waterfall. 

SOURCE OF ENERGY. As soon as you enter this special place, you’ll be overcome by a feeling of awe and gratefulness. Lie down on the hammock by the wooden shed next to the waterfall and rest for a while. May the sun tickle your nose! The lovely birdsong and the gurgling of the waterfall will gently send you into a light sleep – a blessing for every single cell of your body! When you awaken, you will have completed a whole rejuvenation cure by the waterfall!

Back home in your day-to-day life, you can keep on recalling the variety of sensations you experienced at the “source of elementary power”! And you will instantly feel much better and refreshed.



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