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Visit three amazing power spots on the Hemmaberg


Kulm 4,
9102 Mittertrixen


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The Hemmaberg mountain is dedicated to Saint Hemma of Gurk, Carinthia’s patroness saint, and accommodates a 1,500-year-old pilgrimage site where there are three very special power spots. The healing Rosalienquelle spring, the mountain church of Saint Anna and the one-thousand-year-old lime tree. For this day tour in Lower Carinthia, we recommend taking a rucksack with a good snack, empty bottles for the “holy water” and some incense sticks for a few “moments of tranquillity” underneath the lime tree.

detailed description:

Setting out from Tscharnighof farm, you drive to Völkermarkt, cross the main square and follow the road that leads down to the reservoir. You cross the reservoir by the reservoir bridge and drive through Kühnsdorf until you reach a roundabout in Eberndorf, at which you carry on straight ahead. Follow the country road until you reach the signpost “Sonnegg” upon which you turn left and follow the narrow lanes up to the Hemmaberg. Park your car at the big car park and follow the directions to the Rosalienquelle (spring). 

HEALING WATER. Now kneel down by the spring and focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and hold your hands beneath the purifying water. The crystal-clear, dextrorotatory (clockwise spinning) spring water has a most extraordinary composition of metals that includes manganese, selenium, chromium, scandium, titanium and even traces of uranium. The Rosalienquelle spring is ascribed healing power and is said to be good for people suffering from eye diseases. Now wash your face with the spring water and then look for a suitable boulder to sit on for a while. Don’t forget to take some water with you in a bottle. 

THE CROWNING FINALE. When you follow the marked meditation trail to the Hemmaberg through the forest, you will reach a little mountain church inviting visitors to stop by. Now stay here for a while and focus on letting go of your thoughts and simply enjoying the utterly peaceful atmosphere. Accustomed to the peacefulness you will now see the ancient lime tree standing in front of the church: Greet the tree, hug it and notice its imposing crown and lean on its trunk. Now study its bark and feel it with your fingertips and hands. If you like, you can light the joss sticks you brought with you – this will create a very special atmosphere.

If you like, you can have your lunch here beneath the shady branches of the imposing lime tree. Or you could also pick a nice patch in the woods where you could have a forest picnic.

Return to the car park by the same route you came and carry on home to our farm. If you like you can take a swim on your way back. Just before you reach the village of Eberndorf you can go to Lake Gösselsdorfer See. In good weather, this natural lake that has lots of reed, water lilies and a lovely sunbathing lawn invites visitors to take a cool plunge and soak in the sun.



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