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Swiss stone pine: A matter of the heart


Mitterdorf 8,
9564 Patergassen


short text:

In one of the largest connected areas with stands of Swiss stone pine in the Eastern Alps, the Nockberge National Park in Central Carinthia, we would like to give you an understanding of this wonderful tree’s outstanding properties. In Central Europe, the Swiss stone pine is only native to the Alps. Scientific studies have confirmed that it is beneficial to health (see the link). For this reason we decided to design the breakfast room and parlour as well as a holiday apartment in our house exclusively with solid wood furniture made of Swiss stone pine. For the Swiss stone pine experience on our Alpine pasture, take a snack and drink with you as well as hiking boots and your camera. Walking time is 3.5 hours.

detailed description:

MIRACLE TREE. Behind our farm, follow the hiking trail heading to Lassen that, to begin with, will take you steeply uphill across meadows into the woods. After reaching a solitary farm called Valtl, you turn left into a country lane and follow it for 6 kilometres through lovely woodlands. At the end of this lane, follow the signpost “Matlalm” which will take you to a gate after about 2 km. This is where our Alpine pastures starts where our cattle graze in the summer. Another quarter of an hour uphill from the Matlhütte you will arrive at a beautiful alpine meadow with a fantastic panoramic view. Here you will notice four Swiss stone pines standing close next to each other; settle down. Pick a tree and touch its trunk, smell the typical fragrance of essential oils, crush a few needles between your fingers. In June the brownish-purple pinecones are ready for harvesting. They are used to make delicious Swiss stone pine schnapps. With its reddish colour and typical flavour, it is a genuine enjoyment that will give you strength!
Admire the tree’s shape and delight in its beauty. 

A further effect of the Swiss stone pine has to do with our hearts: It increases heartbeat variability, i.e. it helps the organism to save heartbeats. This can even be measured when you sleep in a Swiss stone pine bed and inhale the wood’s essential oils for several hours.

ARTFUL. Now search the forest floor for material suited to make something with. Being creative is fun. Perhaps you’d like to design a nature Mandela with pinecones, twigs, leaves or small pebbles. There are all sorts of things you could make. If you need some ideas for making things in and with nature, just ask at our farm! Take your time and carry on for as long as you like. Depending on whatever you have created, either leave your creation where you made it or take it home with you as a keepsake.

The same route will take you back to Matlhof farm.



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