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Rock-a-by, baby, in the treetop


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0043 / (0)4279 / 203

short text:

Deep in our spruce and larch forest in Central Carinthia, in the woody region of the Nockberge at an altitude of 1,250 metres, we’ll show you what pure relaxation really is. Rocking gently in a wooden hammock strung between trees you will be surrounded by the special fragrance of the mossy forest floor. There are no time limits to this walk that starts out at our “farm for kids” and you can focus on yourself and your thoughts and the beauty of nature surrounding you... If you like, pack a picnic blanket and your diary and a pencil or even a sketching pad. This walk’s destination is going to awaken your creative potentials.

detailed description:

PATHWAY TROUGH THE WOODS. Only 500 metres away from Anderlehof farm, you will come across a wooden bench by the old alpine pasture path that will take you to the relaxation spot in our forest. Your walk through the woods will take about 15 minutes and you’ll pass some rugged rocks and a clearly visible well. On the right-hand side, hidden in the forest, you will find your oasis of peace.
In between two spruce trees we have strung a wooden hammock that will give you a wonderful view of the treetops above. Wind down, relax and be inspired!

BLUE SKIES AND FLUFFY WHITE CLOUDS. First of all, exercise yourself in being completely still: For once, do not speak, think of nothing, do nothing! If the thoughts in your mind still bother you, try to let them float away like clouds driven by a breeze. In the beginning you will find this fairly difficult, but it gets easier with time and soon you’ll find it as easy as apple pie! The hours spent alone here in the woods will give you inner strength and calm. They will clarify the mind and prepare you for new experiences.
Now become focused on your breathing. Breathe in through your nose – can you feel how the air passes through your nostrils? Imagine how the air flows through your nose right down to the tips of your lungs. The next time you draw a breath, let the air fill your entire abdominal cavity. Open your mind up wide.
Now visit all parts of your body in your mind, notice how it feels lying on the hammock, and perceive yourself from head to toe.
Only now have you “properly” arrived at this place of relaxation and at the centre of yourself.

Everything that occurs to you here, your thoughts, impressions, feelings, can be brought to paper. If you like, spend the whole day here in this special spot. You can take a snack and drinks with you.

The same route will take you back to our farm.



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