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Quiet moments beneath a leafy roof


Klebas 15,
9653 Liesing


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Obertilliach in the neighbouring Eastern Tyrol is an idyllic scattered village with 850 inhabitants and is nestled between the Lienzer Dolomites and the Carnic Alps. Founded by Silesian immigrants in the 17th century, the village core with its ancient farmhouses was declared a protected zone in the year 1978. Another interesting feature: In Obertilliach Austria’s last night watchman still can be seen making his rounds. Since I have a very special relationship to this village not far away from our holiday farm, I would like to take you to some especially powerful sites.

detailed description:

Consider that you will need one afternoon (4 hours) for the trip, which does not include the evening rendezvous with the night watchman. Setting out from our farm, you drive about 17 km to Sankt Lorenzen, Maria Luggau and Untertilliach until you reach Obertilliach. Park your car at the lift car park near the Golzentipp chairlift. Keep to the right on the gravel path leading to the forest. At the next fork, turn right again and then turn right again when your reach the signpost “Oberlehrer Steig”. Now walk along this idyllic hiking trail. To begin with, enjoy the lovely view over the village before you enter the woods. This trail is exceptionally romantic and runs alongside a little brook. You will soon notice the fresh, fragrant forest air as well as the wonderfully soft forest floor. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot for a while. You will find it pleasant and it’s very good for you, let alone for your feet! The path opens on to a broad road – follow it on the left until you reach a part of the village called Rals. At the fork, turn right in the direction of Golzentipp. Only ten metres farther on, you will see a narrow trail forking off to the left leading to a mountain meadow where you stop when you arrive at a mighty 200-year-old spruce with a bench beneath it.

STRONG AS A TREE. Hug the tree, lean back on its trunk and feel its energy and strength, its roots connecting it firmly to the earth. Feel its bark with your hands and gaze up at its green treetop and the many branches. Imagine the way the thick, long roots stretch out beneath the earth. Stay for a while and open yourself up to this special spot. Perhaps a breeze is gently sweeping through the treetop. Take your time.

Return to the village by the narrow trail. As soon as you reach the broad gravel path and can see the village, turn right twice and carry on slightly uphill in the direction of the church of Sankt Ulrich situated in a prominent place on the eastern edge of the village. May this place be a further opportunity for you to regain energy and joy!

SPIRITUALITY. Even inside the church, Brother Tree plays a vital part: the nave is erected on a wooden cross and the church tower is built on 92 wooden posts. Wood was essential for static purposes, since there is such a lot of groundwater around here. Now enter the church, enjoy the silence and try to open yourself up to an energy source that many people call God. Purify yourself by going through the things that are troubling you in your mind and saying thank you for all the good things and nice things in your life. Here too, it is important that you take all the time that you need.
When you are back at the car park, take the same route back to our holiday farm in Liesing.



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