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Power mountain Kathreinkogel


SIMA Brigitte
Pulpitsch 5,
9536 Sankt Egyden


short text:

A half-day hike covering an altitude of 222 metres leading to a place that was a chosen sacred site for several different peoples is a power experience beyond comparison! Kathreinkogel is a very special power spot that enables us people to energise ourselves and acquire strength and courage to face life. To observe the sunset at the highest point, high above Carinthia’s largest lake, Lake Wörthersee, is a breathtaking spectacle of Nature! So it’s best to start your hike (with sturdy shoes) late in the afternoon.

detailed description:

From Sima Farm, also known as Leben Farm, – by the way “Leben” literally means “life” – you drive from Pulpitsch in the direction of St. Egyden and turn left when you see the “Schiefling” sign. Carry on through the woodland at the foot of the Kathreinkogel for five minutes. You can park your car on the left side of the road by Gasthof Kreuzwirt. This is where the footpath starts that leads you first through the grain fields and then uphill through the woods. Now and then, turn round and look back onto the wheat gently swaying in the breeze.

Prehistoric power station. The findings on the Kathreinkogel date far back to the Neolithic Age and Bronze Age leading up to the late antiquity. In 1986, a small castle from the turn of the 4th to the 5th century containing a cistern with a capacity of 80,000 litres of water was uncovered and preserved. Inside there is a small archaeological museum. Every year, new buildings are uncovered.
On top of the mountain, a path leads to the highest building, the small church of Saint Catherine, first mentioned in records in 1385. Have a rest on one of the benches facing south and try and sense the powerful energy surrounding this prehistoric site.
Sensitive people are known to perceive a power spot on the east side of the nave. Go to this spot, plant your feet firmly on the ground and stand still for a while directing your senses inward.

For sun(set) worshippers. Right behind the church, taking the path to the left, you’ll reach a clearing that offers a spectacular view of the sunset. After we’ve finished work, we enjoy going up here ourselves to say our thanks for a good day. For a very last time on this day the sun’s power shows itself in a breathtaking sundown before setting behind the Dobratsch, a 2,166-m peak. A powerful moment! !

Fully energised, we set off on our way back to Kreuzwirt, where we stop in at Rosi’s to try her delicious Kasnudeln. This Carinthian speciality can’t be compared to Italian pasta though, just taste it and wind up the evening in a cosy atmosphere.



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