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Mystic spring with long-term effect


Klebas 15,
9653 Liesing


short text:

Our farm is situated at an altitude of 1,044 m in Lesachtal valley in the southwest of Carinthia, the very natural “valley of forest” that received a European award in the year 1995. Lesachtal valley is 20 kilometres long and runs from west to east alongside the Italian border. To centre yourself – this is the object of your hike to the “Kreuzratsquelle”, a spring with healing powers in a very special spot in the mountains. The best time of day is early in the morning. The whole tour will take you about four hours. I recommend taking your hiking gear, a good snack and a bottle to take some of the delicious spring water with you.

detailed description:

Set out at our farm and drive about 10 kilometres to Eastern Tyrol close by. Pass the villages Sankt Lorenzen, Maria Luggau and Wacht. After Wacht, carry on straight ahead for a while before you turn sharp right into a road leading to the village of Eggen. Drive about 1.2 kilometres until you reach the end of the village where you will see a sign on the right showing the way to the Lotteralm. Park your car 500 m farther on in front of some gates and follow the marked gravel road.

ROMANTIC BREAK. Carry on at a leisurely pace through a forest with many clearings where during the months of July and August you can pick lots of delicious wild strawberries by the wayside. After a good hour you will arrive at the Lotteralm; at the mountain hut many comfortable tables and benches invite visitors to have a rest. If the shepherd is at home, you can taste the mouth-watering homemade elderflower juice or herb juices. If the mountain hut is farmed during the summer of 2008, they will also offer sandwiches and “Brettljausn” (farmers’ snack). The six wooden cabins behind the Lotteralmhütte are a lovely sight. They are strung out like a row of beads and offer shelter to the cattle during thunderstorms.

HEALING WATER. Now continue along the marked trail until you reach a fork with a little chapel. Here choose the middle trail along the Lawabach, a little mountain stream. You are now getting nearer and nearer to the mighty mountain range of the Lienzer Dolomites. After a half hour’s walk a boardwalk will lead you to the spring: it is named after the alpine pasture that is also called “Kreuzrast”. The water is known to be good for skin disorders, wounds and stomach conditions.

DEEP SYMBOLISM. Now settle down on the little wooden bench beneath the tree; focus on the here and now by taking a couple of deep breaths.
There are three semi-circular rows of stones (3 x 7 metres) surrounding the spring. These stones are set into the earth so that you can walk on them. Symbolically, the stones form a basic geometrical shape – a triangle – the corner points of which are marked with stones as “guardians”. The red stone plate onto which the fresh spring water splashes is also marked by an engraved triangle. A triangle is also the energetic basic shape of our body, i.e. the basic shape of sitting and standing, of our being. Now with the help of the energy radiating from this spot try to achieve a harmonious balance by visualising this sacred triangular shape (trinity) in the centre of your body. It is your centre, the very centre where your vital force resides. Focus on breathing into the centre of your body. Then form a cup with your hands and let the sparkling spring water flow into it and take a few sips. Moisten your face with it too. You’ll be filled with its freshness, and you’ll notice how energy and life runs through you. Take your time and repeat this ritual a few times.

When you have stocked up on energy, set out on your return journey. The same route will take you back along the stream, across the Lotteralm and through the woods until you reach your car.



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