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Magic mountain and witches stone: Power spots in Diex


KITZ Karin
Diex 6,
9103 Diex


short text:

Petschnighof farm has a fantastic secluded position in the organic farming region of the southern Saualpe in Lower Carinthia. The Zauberkogel (literally “magic rounded mountain”) is a power spot described in many Carinthian legends, always strongly associated with witches and magicians. It’s equally well known as a weather divide. We’ll hand you a written version of the legend to take with you on your hike. Read it when you get to the so-called Hexenstein (witches’ stone) on the Zauberkogel. The total walking time is 3.5 hours, which does not include the wonderful time you spend simply enjoying the unique atmosphere.

detailed description:

Start out at Petschnighof and take the road to Diex. After two kilometres you turn right in Diex village and head to Bösenort to the Zauberkogelweg lane. Pass Lessiak farm on your left to Struffe farm and pass the Keltenwelt at Putzgerhof farm and walk along a path with lovely vistas. Before you get to Hoidle farm, you turn right in the direction of Zauberkogel and follow the trail until you have reached the hill.

Boulder of power. On top of the Zauberkogel you’ll not only discover a unique vantage point overlooking the whole of Lower Carinthia, but you’ll also notice the legendary Hexenstein known as a special power spot. You’ll sense the energy as soon as you get there. In a simple meditation you can connect to the source of the energy, find your centre and unleash your mind. Lay the palms of your hands onto the boulder for a while or lean your back on it and, if you like, close your eyes. Just stay here for a while and direct your attention inward.
A place that conveys tranquillity and equilibrium.

You return to Diex via the farms Slamanig and Russ and continue for another two kilometres to our farm.



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