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Immerse yourself in a landscape you can eat


Lassen 1,
9562 Himmelberg


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Our long established farm, Naturgut Lassen, in the heart of Carinthia is situated at 1,000 metres above sea level with a marvellous view of the countryside and surrounding mountains. It is truly a little paradise, not only for us people, but also for the many wild flowers that flourish wonderfully in their original habitat far away from any chemical substances or environmental poison. Set out first thing after breakfast and sharpen your senses to perceive the small, often inconspicuous, things that are yet so valuable. Enjoy gathering wild herbs with all of your senses and do something beneficial for yourself and your health! Equipped with a basket and a field guide (you can borrow it at our house) just start out from our farmhouse into the surrounding mountain pastures.

detailed description:

BENEFICIAL TO YOUR HEALTH. Wild herbs not only have preserved their resistance to diseases and pests over a very long time, they also have an unparalleled amount of valuable substances. In spring, summer even in late autumn you can gather herbs on our meadows and use them in a variety of ways: prepared as a salad or vegetable, as a seasoning, as tea, as juice, as herbal bath, as a cream... 

FOR YOUR SENSES. Advance step by step with your eyes fixed to the grass. Breathe in the wonderful fragrance of the herbs and flowers. A small universe opens up by your feet as soon as you take your time to look closer. You can’t get lost, because our farmhouse is visible from afar and you can always orientate yourself by it. Now have a closer look at the variety of grass. Sit down in the grass, smell the leaves and flowers of these plants, rub them between your fingers and smell the essential oils on your fingertips. With their bright colours the flowers attract butterflies and other insects. This grass has a wide variety of leaves in different shapes and sizes. Some are easy to gather, others defend themselves with tiny stinging hairs, little thorns or stings. Also pay a visit to the edge of the wood because there are some tasty wild herbs that only grow in the shade of bushes.

PLEASURABLE EXPERIENCE. Having arrived back at Naturgut Lassen after your herb walk, you can now arrange all the treasures you have gathered, identify them with Heike, the farmer’s wife, and taste them. The stinging nettles, cress and so forth are now processed to soups, salads, pesto, sandwich spreads, juices or herb salt or to something different entirely. Specialist literature and countless herbal cuisine recipes and tips on how to dry herbs, etc. can all be obtained at our farm.



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