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I am a rock


Niedergail 3,
9653 Liesing


short text:

To stride along an ancient forest mule track and to encounter not a soul for no less than six hours: Does that sound tempting? Starting out from our Peintnerhof farm in the Carinthian Lesachtal valley near the Italian border I would like you take you on an experience tour that will teach you to let go and re-energise your self. Our destination is a very special rock: I would like to call it “the stone of inner strength”. The best time of day to set out is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Take your favourite snack with you and a bottle of our excellent spring water!

detailed description:

You pass the playground of our farm on the left-hand side and follow the path to the edge of the forest. Then head for the little house higher up on the right. Behind the little house there is another little house painted green and behind it you will discover a narrow trail. Follow it uphill and keep to the edge of the meadow until you arrive at a path. At the first curve, follow the narrow trail on the left-hand side. 

BLANK MIND. On the way to your destination try to find some inner peace. Is there anything that is troubling you? Try to leave these thoughts behind and be confident: All is well. Step by step you will find that you can empty your mind like a wastepaper basket. This means: Empty your mind of all those things that occupy your mind in your everyday life. Focus on shaking off your worries and run your hands over your body from top to bottom to make room for the new!
Can you hear the birds singing and all the other sounds of the forest? Do you feel like watching the busy ants on their anthill? If you’re lucky you might be able to find a pretty pebble on the wayside to take home with you.
After about 1½ hours you will reach the alpine pasture with a mountain hut called Gosenhütte. Near an old wooden well you will notice a very big rock. It’s very easy to find, just look out for a single larch tree that seems to be embracing it with its roots. 

BREATHING TIME. Find a comfortable place to sit down and close your eyes and try to do nothing but listen and focus on your breathing for 15 minutes. Can you hear the crickets or the wind blowing through the trees? Focus your attention on yourself, sitting there on the rock, and the sounds of nature surrounding you. Pay attention to your breathing: Breathe in through your nose, follow your breath as it flows through your nose, mouth and down to your lungs. Sit upright and straight. Your lungs will fill with the fresh, fragrant mountain air. Then exhale slowly and consciously through your mouth or nose. I’m sure that you’ll now feel wonderfully calm and truly centred.
Enjoy the experience and finish when you’ve had enough.
I think now will be the perfect time to unpack your lunch. Take your time and enjoy it!

When you descend, first head for the Gosenhütte where you will reach the marked hiking trail that will take you back down to the valley.
You will return calm and with a new feeling of serenity. The pebble in your pocket will remind you of the hike through the forest, the sounds of nature, the Rock of Inner Strength, the larch tree and much more. I am pleased that now you too have got to know this beautiful spot in the Lesachtal valley!



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