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Golden meadow picnic at sunrise


Wodmaier 3,
9652 Birnbaum


short text:

Have you ever treated yourself to anything like it? At the foot of Lesachtal valley’s local mountain, the Plenge with a height of 2,373 m, in the utmost southwest of Carinthia, you can experience hours you will never forget. Wodmaier is the name of our dreamy, secluded little hamlet where, for the past centuries, six farmer families have been looking after their farms in harmony with nature. On an almost flat high plateau you can truly slow down and relax... For example, in the early hours of dawn, after all, it’s only the early bird that catches the worm.

detailed description:

Early in the morning, after a good night’s sleep in one of our holiday homes, pack your picnic basket along with your picnic blanket and set out on a hike to a fantastic picnic site quite near by.
Upon leaving the house, a cool breeze will tickle your nose. Setting out from our farm, you walk up the field path for 4 minutes until you reach the bench we call “Aussichts und Lei Las’n Bank” (something like “Take it easy bench with a view”). Settle down and open yourself up to the peacefulness around you, welcome the new day and observe the landscape as if you were sitting in an eagle’s nest.

SUN SHOW. After taking a good look all around you, take your picnic basket and walk back the way you came until you reach the fork. Now follow the field path in western direction until it fades into the meadows. A little bit further upward, on the left, you will notice the beginning of a little “meadow valley”. Walk through it until you reach the wooden fence. Now you can settle down with your basket and blanket and enjoy being surrounded by the lush meadow. You’ll have a magnificent view over a large part of the Lesachtal valley and if you’ve chosen the time well, you can now look forward to sunrise. To begin with, the valley will be silent, but as soon as the sun comes out behind the mountains, nature will start to pulsate at a moment’s notice. 

PICNIC DE LUXE. Spread out your blanket, set your meadow table and make yourself comfortable. Here, out in the wild beneath the open sky the goodies you have brought with you will taste even better! Perhaps you can find a few daisies to put on your bread and butter or some other herbs that are safe to eat.

When you’ve had enough and have tidied everything up, lie down on your blanket and, if you like, soak in the warm sunshine! Close your eyes and feel the life around you and listen to the buzzing of the insects you could not hear before. Before you go back, take one more deep breath of the fresh mountain air already warmed up by the morning sun.
Being a guest of “Ober farm” you can borrow a picnic basket including crockery and picnic blanket, you only have to fill it the night before.
Ask for the exact time of sunrise!



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