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From magic potion to Lake of Knowledge


Niedergail 3,
9653 Liesing


short text:

We would like to use this nature experience in the Lesachtal valley - in the westernmost part of Carinthia - to rediscover the child residing within you. Does your inner child ever come out to play with you? We’ll show you the way to a little fairyland by the stream and lead you through a true land of plenty with forest fruit and to a lake that we have named Lake of Knowledge. Want to join us? The six-hour tour will take us to the Obergailer Tal valley, not far from our holiday farm. If you set out straight after breakfast you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself. Take a nice snack with you from our farm. This tour is especially suitable for families with children!

detailed description:

BEWITCHED. Leave Peintnerhof farm and drive to the valley until you reach the wooden bridge where you can park your car by the northern bank of the stream. Now walk for 20 minutes in the direction of Märchenland (fairyland) until you reach the fairyland gates. Gnarled roots will welcome you right at the entrance – could it be a dragon? Or perhaps a snake? You will see a mysterious little house by the mountain stream. In front of its entrance there is a bench with a book lying on it. If you like you can write something into it. Have you already discovered the big witches’ cauldron? You can use it to brew a magic potion to make a wish come true. Now give your fancy full scope and be a child again. Find all kinds of “herbs” and mix a magic potion made of stream water, stones and pieces of wood. Taste it like a child would – your potion will make your wish come true and cast a spell over you and turn you into something you would like to be in this very moment. Now everything is possible – you are in fairyland. And? What does it feel like?
FOR THOSE WITH A SWEET TOOTH. When you have finished doing magic, leave Fairyland and follow the signpost “Obergailer Alm”. In about 1.5 hours you will have arrived at the “Lake of Knowledge” up on the alpine pasture. On your way there you will come past a wooden gate. Open it, walk through, but please close it again. The narrow valley will suddenly become quite broad. You’ll notice a splendid cliff face. Go down to the stream and look for the path along the water that will take you to the next wooden bridge. Now, here you must prove how dexterous you are. Keep on crossing the stream but don’t make it too easy for yourself. Now cross the second wooden bridge where the pathway on the right marked Schlaraffenland will take you into the “land of plenty”. In the summer, a whole sea of delicious bilberries awaits you and you can eat to your heart’s delight. Your trail will lead you through this Schlaraffenland for a good 15 minutes until you reach our destination surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery.

LONGING FOR KNOW LEDGE. The Lake of Knowledge is fed by a waterfall. There is always a little raft by the shore. Take the raft and row to the big rock in the lake. Settle down on it and close your eyes. Now listen, look and enjoy! The music of the waterfall, the glistening lake, the mountains around you and their reflection in the lake. But the most important thing in this moment is you! Have you ever explored your own reflection? What does it feel like when you study it calmly for a longer period of time? What kinds of thoughts go through your mind amidst such wonderful untouched countryside beneath the open sky? Take your time, perhaps the Lake of Knowledge has something to say to you. At any rate, you can be proud of yourself that you got this far.

You are entitled to a good rest, so look for a nice soft place on the shore. On your way home, you might want to take something with you to remind you of this day when you are back home again.

WHAT A DAY! In fairyland you let your inner child come out and play, on the way you tested your dexterity, in the “land of plenty” you had a real good feast and you even discovered the Lake of Knowledge! What riches can be found in our lovely countryside! The same route will lead you back to your starting point at the wooden bridge.



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