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Biking tour to the Lucky Cliff “Sreca pec“


SIMA Brigitte
Pulpitsch 5,
9536 Sankt Egyden


short text:

An easy-going cycle path through glorious fields of sunflowers, maize and grain along the picturesque water meadows of the Drau river takes you all the way to a quite extraordinary cliff. It is just an hour’s bike ride from our farm, which is set very centrally at the heart of Carinthia. Back in the olden days, the locals used to pilgrimage to this particular cliff to ask for good luck. It is a true jewel of Nature: Surrounded by mossy trees, the cliff is crowned by a romantic waterfall. We recommend setting out after breakfast – an ideal half-day trip with twice the amount of good luck, topped with lunch at a friendly country pub!

detailed description:

A wishing waterfall. Starting out at our farm you ride along the excellently marked Drauradweg (cycling path with a total length 150 km along the banks of the river Drau through Carinthia) passing the village of Dieschitz to Treffen. From here you continue for another 3.5 km through the woodlands until you reach the signpost “Zum Glücksfelsen”. Leave your bike at the edge of the forest and follow the yellow marks for about 30 minutes until you reach the cliff.
If you feel like it, you can go barefoot for a while through this well cared for mixed woodland! Be aware of every single step you make along the forest trail. Don’t be surprised by the wide variety of birdsong you’ll hear. In recent years several endangered bird species were relocated to the Drau floodplain.
The Lucky Cliff with its waterfall is a truly overwhelming sight. It got its name a long, long time ago when the inhabitants of the Rosental valley south of the Drau river used to cross the river on a raft near the cliff on their trade route to the nearest town. They asked the cliff to protect them during the crossing and gave thanks for a successful journey.
The wooden bench beneath the mighty cliff invites visitors to rest for a while; take a couple of deep breaths – you will find this tremendously invigorating thanks to the amount of moisture in the air! Use this special spot to recharge your batteries and contemplate. If you have brought a wish with you, formulate it in your mind and touch the cliff with both your hands. May your wish come true!

Invigorating waterways. On the way back to your bike, turn left at the first signpost “Zum Glücksfelsen” and take the road leading across the new bridge over the Drau river. Your cycling route continues upriver for five kilometres and takes you past a power station to Rosegg where you cycle along the wall of Rosegg wildlife park. Here you make a little detour to the ford across the river, a kind of stonewall, where you can look for beautiful river pebbles in different sizes and take them home as a souvenir. Have lunch at Landgasthof Roseggerhof next to the church (we highly recommend the Carinthian home-style cooking!).

After lunch, cross the Drau river at the ford and take a leisurely ride home along the field path on the right-hand side that leads to Pulpitsch and back to our farm.



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