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A delightful hike in Lesachtal valley to awaken your senses


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It’s going to be a great day in Lesachtal valley, a literally prize-winning valley in the west of Carinthia near the Italian border. The destination of this slow-down experience lasting a good seven hours is the farmed Filmoorhütte – a great insider tip! Take a little fruit with you and a bottle of water for the hike. Set off straight after breakfast around 9:00 a.m. so you’ll have plenty of time. The climb up to the high plateau will take about one hour.

detailed description:

Drive through the Lesachtal valley in western direction; pass through Obertilliach till you reach a village called Leiten (driving time: 40 minutes). Straight after Leiten the road forks to Leitental valley; follow this road until it ends (another 15 minutes). 

IN THE HERE AND NOW. On this day, your senses – tasting, hearing, feeling and seeing – will be especially addressed. Try to concentrate on what is essential, focus on each and every moment. Already heading up the mountain, you will discover three waterfalls. Observe them consciously and follow their route. When you arrive on the high plateau, stop for a few moments and enjoy the panoramic view. Having covered quite a few metres of altitude you are rewarded with a new perspective altogether. Can you see the little mountain hut on the right-hand side? That is where the hay is stored. In winter it is taken down to the valley by sleigh. Can you identify the trees growing here? They are spruce and larch trees.

LAKES FOR YOUR SENSES. Carry on walking and soon the valley ahead will open up and you’ll be hiking along a stream until you reach a little mountain lake. After about 15 minutes, you’ll reach a few more huts. Can you see the bench? Sit down and have a rest for a while. Let nature cast its spell on you. It is the tranquillity, the peace up here that never stops amazing me. The murmuring of the water, the birdsong, now and then a sheep may bleat. From the other side of the valley you might hear the sound of cowbells. Perhaps you’ll even hear marmots whistling! You are nestled in a wonderful countryside with lush mountain pastures, a vast variety of flowers and majestic mountains. Have another drink and continue your walk. In about 10 minutes you’ll reach yet another lake. Crystal-clear and glistening, it lies at your feet – now take off your shoes and sit down on the big boulder and dip your feet into the water. Be aware of the cool wetness on your skin. Close your eyes, listen to the outside and to the inside and try to breathe very calmly and consciously. When you have had enough, continue your hike until you reach the Filmoorhütte, this hike’s destination. 

A FEAST FOR YOUR PALATE. The Filmoorhütte is indeed a very special mountain hut: Here true delicacies are offered, for instance delicious “Zotter” hot chocolate or even wine specialities (both items are produced in Styria). Other specialities offered include mouth-watering omelettes, special types of cheeses and some extraordinary soft drinks. The food is always prepared fresh in the little kitchen, so you’ll have to wait for a while. Take a seat and have a rest, either in the hut where you can watch the chef cooking or outside in the sunshine.
Allow for about a two hours’ stay at the Filmoorhütte. Give your palate a treat and take your time when eating. Perhaps you’d like to take something with you to remind you of this “day of senses”.
Return the same way you came, pass the two lakes and continue along the stream until you reach the car. Before you arrive back, linger for a while, turn around and consciously look back on the impressions of this fulfilled day.



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